Cryotherapy GIOCO Cryo-2 und Cryo-2 Plus

Gioco is a dynamic young company established to research, develop and produce high quality innovative sports medicine devices. All product development and manufacture is carried out by healthcare industry professionals in our purpose built manufacturing plant in the UK.

The main aim is to create new devices which offer a range of portable products which will give a combination of excellent therapeutic performance, durability, aesthetic appeal and value for money.

The all new CRYO range of products is based on proven cryo-therapy technology and utilises cold compression which is at the forefront of treatment for sports injuries. The Cryo-1 system automates the commonly manual process of cold compression, whilst the Cryo-2 system moves the therapy to a new level of effectiveness, integrating cold compression and intermittent compression into a single system to give many treatment benefits.

New products featuring a number of other technologies are currently under development and will be featured on this web site as they become available. As explained all of these will be designed to be portable and hardwearing.

Crio pump

The GIOCO CRYO-2 system is a revolution in the treatment of sports injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises and post-operative recovery.

The GIOCO CRYO-2 system combines the best of two tried and tested technologies, cold compression and intermittent compression, to help simplify treatment of sports injuries whilst significantly decreasing the time needed for rehabilitation.

Cryo Cuffs

An extensive range of Cryo Cuffs have been ergonomically designed to offer both a high degree of comfort combined with a snug fit to ensure that the maximum energy transfer is obtained for every treatment session.

Particular attention has been paid to the cuff design to make sure that there are no hot spots formed on the limb as is common with regular cold packs.

The garments are manufactured from a specially formulated fabric to ensure long life and good thermal transfer which gives the ultimate treatment.

Ease of use is another virtue of the cuffs with both CRYO-1 and CRYO-2 systems using self sealing valved connectors which ensure the minimum of spillage. All cuffs can be easily fitted and removed by the patient with the integrated comfort strap system.

Cryotherapy (Cold Compression)

The benefits of this therapy have been well documented over many years in the treatment of sports injuries.

If used immediately after an injury is sustained the following benefits have been shown

  • Reduction in pain
  • Reduction in muscle spasms
  • Reduction in tissue damage by reducing the metabolism
  • Reduction in swelling by limiting secondary hypoxic injury

Intermittent Compression

Because Cryotherapy alone is ineffective in preventing the swelling caused by sports injuries or orthopaedic surgery, GIOCO CRYO-2 integrates intermittent compression technology as well.

The benefits are:

  • Helps limit initial swelling
  • Continues to reduce swelling by forcing fluids into the lymphatic system, which in turn lowers the pressure on the limb and promotes fluid reabsorbtion
  • Helps in the restoration of an oxygenated blood flow to increase healing

How Does it Work?

The GIOCO CRYO-1 and CRYO-2 systems consist of a selection of wrap round cold compression cuffs and a microprocessor controlled pump unit.

The CRYO-1 Pump unit is filled with ice and water and the single tube is attached to the cuff. To fill the cuff with cold water raise it above the level of the cuff and place it on a surface. If switched to Auto mode the system will refresh the chilled water in the cuff every 3 minutes. This ensures that the limb receives a constistant cooling effect.

The CRYO-2 pump unit is filled with ice and water and the tubes are attached to the cuff using the purpose made quick release dual connector. As the system is battery powered you simply switch it on, whether on the field, in the bus or sitting at home. The limb is normally intermittently compressed with a 30 second cycle (10 seconds compression, 20 seconds relaxation). If desired the pump unit can be set to offer continuous cold compression.

Both the CRYO-1 and CRYO-2 systems offer an extremely effective way to treat the majority of sports related injuries, including sprains, strains and bruising. It can also be used the speed up recovery following orthopaedic surgery.