Biodiesel Photometer


Biodiesel Photometer

Biodiesel Photometer

Booklet Biodiesel Photometer DP 800

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Biodiesel Photometer DP 800

The Biodiesel Photometer DP 800 is suitable for a fast on-site measurement of triglycerides, glycerol, free glycerol, methanol and ethanol. On this account the photometer is especially appropriatecontrol for the production process of biodiesel and bioethanol.

Size: 195x100x45 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Wavelength: 520/546 nm
RS232C interface
Mains or battery-operated
Biodiesel mobile laboratory   Reagents and Controls

The device is ready for use immediately after switching on, calibration is not required. All filters are installed, and you only need to select the parameter to start the measurement. Lamp replacement is no longer required with the use of modern diode technology.

The device saves all measured values and is suitable for use as a portable device with its low weight. Data transfer and evaluation is made simple with easily understandable software. Testing is very simple with only a small drop of blood required.


Biodiesel has now gained its share of the fuel market for more than ten years. In Germany and Austria alone, more than 1,600 petrol stations offer biodiesel.

As an environmentally friendly and attractively priced alternative to conventional diesel, biodiesel will also continue to cause a sensation in the future.

Biodiesel is a perfected fuel and its quality is subject to minimum requirements which are laid down in the European standard DIN EN 14214 which has been in force since Autumn 2003 and was passed in the Federal Law Gazette dated 28th June 2004 (part 1, no. 30).

How can Diaglobal contribute to control, optimize and reduce the cost of the production process ?

  • The company Diaglobal GmbH has developed a cost-effective process for the examination of triglycerides, glycerol, free glycerol, methanol and ethanol to optimize the production processwhich enables quick and easy arrival at a certain quantitative result.
  • Thanks to photometric examinations these parameters can be determined directly and without costly preparation of samples. This enables quick and easy arrival at a certain quantitative result, what enables to intercept the production process.
  • The system is already in use in Germany, Austria and the U.S.A