Gyn Photometer


Gyn Photometer

Gyn Photometer DP 220

The Gyn Photometer DP 220 was developed especially for gynaecology practitioners. Expect the small blood screening the device can measure glucose. It means that oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) could be performed in the own office.

Size: 195x100x45 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Wavelength: 520 nm - 546 nm
RS232C interface
Mains or battery-operated
Gynaecology mobile laboratory   Reagents and Controls

The screening of gestational diabetes using the OGTT is obligatory by law in Germany since 03.03.2012.

The device is ready for use immediately after switching on, calibration is not required. All filters are installed, and you only need to select the parameter to start the measurement. Lamp replacement is no longer required with the use of modern diode technology.

The device saves all measured values and is suitable for use as a portable device with its low weight. Data transfer and evaluation is made simple with easily understandable software. Testing is very simple with only a small drop of blood required.